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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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ries? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> he didn't have a chance to choose his destiny but every one of you do. >> waiting for justice. good evening. family and friends of a boy killed on this day in 2009 gathered tonight in san jose. they wanted to remember him and to demand a trial. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at frost elementary school with a look at where the case stands now. >> reporter: blocks from where the killing happened and despite arrests made three years ago, the case is yet to go to trial.
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>> we want justice for michael. that's what he serves and that's what we are here for. as a family, we're not going to stop fighting for that. michael deserves it and we are going to get it. >> reporter: michael russell's family hosted a vigil at this elementary school the last three years. on november 10th, 2009, he was stabbed to death in the backyard of his home. >> i remember it like it happened yesterday. >> reporter: soon after the killing, police arrested two suspects in the case, both classmates of the victim. randy thompson 16 and jay williams 15 at the time of the killing and both are charged as adults. while the hearing was two with years ago, the trial is yet to begin because of numerous continuances. >> we want to do whatever we can to push this forward. >> reporter: 100 people joined and held candle and had a moment of silence. they want to honor russell's memory as they push for justice. >> earlier yesterday i saw a
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butterfly land in front of me and it was huge. never seen a butterfly that big in my life and made me think of michael. i knew it was michael bringing my day up. little things every day. michael is watching us. >> they claim he was a victim of bullying and it's time for a trial. >> he was just a 15-year-old y boy. he wasn't going to harm anybody. he wasn't doing any wrong, and he didn't deserve this. he shouldn't have been murdered. >> santa clara county district attorney's office claims it is pushing for a trial date in this case. the two suspects are expected in court for a hearing later on this month. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the search is over for a man suspected of killing his wife in their home in south san jose. officers found the body of 50-year-old troy this afternoon
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in his car. the car was parked on the side of 129 south of gilroy. investigators believe he committed suicide by overdosing. his wife was found dead yesterday in their home. police are not revealing the cause of death at this point or a motive. if you ventured outside this evening, you probably noticed it is a little cold out there. a live look over san francisco where temperatures are in the 40s right now. the second night in a row a frost advisory is in affect for the bay area. we want to check in with rob mie y mayeda. >> fairfield mid-30s on the way to low 30s tonight. san francisco clear skies and 49. 42 livermor. other locations, san ramon down to 38. dublin 39 and san jose 44 degrees. we have a case of canadian air
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conditioning tonight. dry air, clear skies. low 30s and a patchy frost advisory. in the east bay valley. perform patchy frost through 8:00 in the morning and if you haven't done so, bring in the pets from outside and protect the temperature sensitive plants and pipes as we will see temperatures in the low 30s. we will talk about the chances of rain coming back to the seven-day forecast in a few minutes from now. >> all right. thank you, rob. nbc bay area's monty francis is in livermor. one of the colder spots and a new outlet mall opened a couple of days ago and there are people still shopping out there tonight. >> the cold weather is not keeping people from shopping. there are still people here at this late hour. the outlet mall closes at midnight. so an hour or so left to get in on all of those bargains.
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>> staying warm with a cup of coffee and being bundled up was the name of the game in liver more. even though it is cold outside with the roads jammed and the lots full, they say it is the hot spot this weekend. >> >> able to bring my husband to the mall and kids and had some wine and i'm warming with up in the cold weather. >> the stores are heated so that's the nice part. if you get cold you can run in and buy a new jacket. >> some skiers found good deals on winter coats just in time. the resort opened in tahoe and you can see on the web cam people are lining up, eager to get on the slopes. back at the outlet mall the traffic and crowds were more of a challenge than the cold. we found one guy not bundled up at all it. >> doesn't affect me at all with the shorts. i can walk around in the rain. as long as i am bundled up top
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i'm fine. >> an official from the mall says he expects by the time the weekend is over more than 200,000 vop shoppers will have visited the new mall. if you plan to come out hoar i-580 should be pretty crowded again tomorrow. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> the activity behind you looks like the middle of the afternoon. i can't believe there's that many people out there still. >> it is pretty incredible, diane. >> thank you, monty. >> reporter: with we have new information on an accident involving southwest airlines. a jet that took off from oakland landed in denver this evening in the snow. look at these pictures that a passenger posted to twitter. the 737 slid off a taxiway as it was headed to the gate. remarkably no one was injured. >> it seemed like he was having a hard time getting the plane to slow down.
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it was going faster than he wanted to and it veered the right. >> and the flight attendant said we're here seven minutes early. tell all of your friends. like boom boom bump and then it was over. we were off the tarmac. >> all 125 passengers and five crew members evacuated and made it safely to the terminal by bus. >> that is the sound of a mobile home on fire this morning near concord. the fire was reported around 11:00. the two with people who live in the home were gone at the time and neighbors tried to douse the flames with garden hoses until firefighters arrived. once firefighters got there they contained the fire in ten minutes. no one was hurt but the home was destroyed. firefighters are investigating the cause. in santa clara, firefighters recovering from burn injuries tonight after a fire broke out in the attic of a home.
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the firefighter has burns on his face and ear but we are told he is home and should fully recover. vietnam veterans in the south bay broke ground on a memorial in honor of the men who did not return home. the san jose vietnam war memorial will have the names of the 142 south bay men killed in action. the monument is located in guadalupe park across from hp pavilion. the project has deep personal meaning for many involved. >> we are ecstatic this has been built obviously it's not about us. it's about the 142 heros that will be on this wall. we have guys on the wall we grew up with, we went to high school. >> the memorial is expected to be complete in about a month. next at 11:00, salvaging the wreckage weeks after the multimillion-dollar yacht capsized in the america's cup sailors had a little fun with the remnants.
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. more information is emerging as general petraeus's sdoigs resign. he stepped down after admitting to have an affair with the awe tore of his biography paula broadwell. prosecutors say they discovered it because of threatening
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e-mails broadwell allegedly sent. they were sent to a woman close to petraeus. she complained to the fbi and that's how the investigation started. it is official. president obama can claim victory in florida. the state finished counting the votes yesterday. they say the president won by 74,000 votes, less than 1%. still to come, an age-old question, are there ghosts out there? we followed two bay area research teams. another cold night, freezing temperatures in some areas. how long will they last? plus weather and sports coming up.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. busy day for sports in the bay area. let's get straight to the action with some college football. who else the cal bears taking on oregon. third quarter, bears trail by a touch down. allen is intercepted by campbell. the next play, marcus finds josh for a 35-yard strike. he got three touchdowns. six were thrown today. they never look back and win 59-17. stanford hosting oregon state. 23-14 in this one at this point. seconds left in the third. kevin hogan in his first start. stephane taylor and he's not
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going to stop. this arm keeps going. 40-yard touchdown. stanford within two. fourth quarter after a fumble, stanford gets the chance to take over. hogan finds zach for a 13-yard td. three touchdowns and stanford completes the upset 27-23. san jose state at new mexico state. second quarter, spartans up 30. aggiess quarterback manly just dropped the ball. scoops it up for a touchdown. that would end manly's day. third quarter, david continues to succeed. his fourth td of the day. this from the tight end ryan otten. spartans win 47-7 and are 8-2 on the season. way to go, spartans. what about hoops? warriors coming off a 24-point loss to the lakers last night hosting denver.
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he missed the first ten shots of the game but in overtime, six seconds left he blows away thompson and then in double overtime warriors by one. gal narry a thu huge three pointer. warriors fall 101-101. jackson was upset after the game. that will do it for xfinity sports desk. tomorrow we will be all over the nfl. rams at niners, raiders at ravens. back to you. >> all right. thank you, henry. some high-flying daredevils tock over mccovey cove today. you are looking at the red bull show. the event challenges people to build homemade human powered flying machines and pilot them off a 30-feet deck to see how far they can go. one team has a lot of sailing experience. team oracle. remember, members wrecked their $8 million catamaran last month. and they say getting ready for
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this has brought them closer to the builders of their ownership. >> they put thousands of man hours in building our boat and eight days later we flip it and break it in to pieces. this is nowhere close to the man hours but the days it put in to build it and i know we will destroy it this afternoon. let's check in with rob. chilly temperatures outside. what's doing on. >> numbers in the 30s for many spots in the north bay and probably see those areas drop five to seven degrees tomorrow morning. right now down to 36. fairfield, napa. santa rosa 37. look at san jose 44. liver more 42 and san ramon 38. 39 dublin. it is from livermore across the north bay where i think we will
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see the temperatures dropping off in to tomorrow morning. not much wind tonight. usually we get a sea breeze that pumps in marine air. it adds moisture which keeps the temperatures up. when that shuts down and instead you have dry air out of canada. that is helping to drop down the temperatures tonight. you can see we have high clouds. they will come in through tomorrow afternoon. if you are going to head to the 49ers game you want a nice 49ers jacket. temperatures maybe close to 60 degrees. you can see the high and mid-level clouds coming in. through the morning we will have a chilly start and increase in high clouds. mainly for the north bay in to san francisco. no rain under the clouds but they will give the sun the veiled appearance in to the afternoon. mid and high-level clouds sweeping by. in to monday afternoon and right there in northern sonoma county in to tuesday brushed by the showers. as we head in to wednesday and
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thursday, probably see a few more showers further south. there's been a change in the seven-day forecast. it looks like the biggest rain event for the upcoming week will arrive this time next weekend. quite a bit of rain coming in next saturday in to sunday. tonight the story is the chill and patchy frost and frost advisory through 8:00 tomorrow morning around the north bay in the inland east bay. the coldest temperatures, napa, santa rosa, slight or below freezing. for the afternoon a dekren temperature recovery. low 60s with partly cloudy skies. high clouds increasing for the afternoon. trivalley in the low 60s. upper 50s to low 60s. coming up a few extra degrees. as the clouds come in it should keep overnight temperatures not as cold. the workweek will begin with north bay showers, north of
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santa rosa and wednesday in to thursday a few more showers for the rest of the bay area. the bull's eye for the rain looks like it will come in saturday in to sunday and the system could pack a punch. we will watch that closely. >> that's the holiday week of thanksgiving. so a lot of travel. >> very true. just ahead, they keep busy tracking signs of para normal activity in the bay area. we will show you what they are looking for and where. also, coming up? hypnotize you. >> reporter: it's an all-new "saturday night live" with a host that's no stranger to the show she is plenty strange tonight. do you recognize her? of course actress anne hathaway.
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with a blockbuster movie series para normal making millions at the box office.
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we decided to catch up to two bay area para normal groups. they sate is more than ghost hunting saying there is more seens involved than ever before. we joined them on three investigation and here's what we found. ♪ >> anyone here that wants to talk to us. >> the churning of the stomach, the hair on the back of your neck standing up. the stroke of my hair, a push, a tug of my shirt and i'm the only one in the room. >> para normal researcher gloria young was one of the first in the field 20 years. the uss red oak is her layest investigationing and her favorite kind, virgin territory. >> it was an am mission ship and a ship keeper hanged himself on this mast. even with the history, richard arnold is here 24/7 usually by
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himself. >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i don't believe in ghosts. >> he joined us on two investigations. they use devices like an electromagnetic field detector, an on contact thermometer and to one of the hulls where the military stored ammo. >> reporter: despite it was a cold, rainy night, young detected heat on her camera. and there was plenty to hear echoing throughout the ship. >> we heard lot of running, a lot of footsteps and conversations. >> and then ran in to a door wide open. >> this is supposed to be a secured door. supposed to be closed and locked. i was told it was closed and locked. >> at the old pleasantton hotel, the co-owner says multiple workers have spotted a ghost. >> what they saw was a female,
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summing them in to the building. >> she saw a silhouette of a woman standing there staring at her. there was no one in the room. >> a customer said as she tried to open the bathroom door, someone or something was pulling on the other side. >> members of the para normal society decided to camp out. they say a woman was murdered in the 1900s in this hallway. some she was stabbed because a customer did not want to pay for her services and this happened during the gold rush era. every once in a while they see a woman standing in that window right there from the street. >> karl hamburg says his crew is made up of skeptics trying to debunk reports of para normal activity using science to prove it is in the head. >> we look at chemicals and see what kind of chemicals can
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feelings or psychological side effects. we look at basic construction of houses so we can see if a draft coming from a construction defect in the house? >> reporter: the million dollar question, are there ghosts out there? turns out the answer is simple and really is up to you. >> if there are voices i tune it out. >> richard, is that you? >> nbc bay area news. >> all right. finally tonight, the macy's thanksgiving day parade is less than two weeks away. and macy's tested out three new balloons, papa smurf, elf on the shelf and el hello kitty making their debut appearances in the parade. they are tested for buoyancy and lift before allowed to float down the manhattan route. thank you for joining us for nbc bay area news. we have a new "saturday night live" up next. host is anne hathaway and musical guestry hanna.
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>> darn it, darn it all to heck. >> hello, mitt. >> hello ann. >> what are you doing on the balcony? >> thinking. >> you ran a wonderful campaign,


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